Blincer SRL · Market leader manufacturing of panic exit devices

Our company has been founded in 1965, and from the beginning has marked a dynamic search of precision and effectiveness, characteristics that our products show.

During the first years, we have placed focus on manufacturing locks and accessories for tempered glass.

In 1977, we reinforce our leadership when the first concealed panic device has been made in the country.  Under the premise of constant expansion and growing challenges, this product was the pioneer for starting and expanding our well-known lines: PUSH and TOUCH.

Nowadays, in our production plant equipped with all technique capacities, we continue developing new products, investing in tools and qualified labor force with the clear target to keep leading the market.


Our Customer Service knows what your Company needs, all the BLINCER SRL staff are capable to deliver the appropriate solutions with agility, flexibility and certainly.

Along our well-known trajectory, BLINCER SRL has supported to the distributors building a trust that last nowadays and looking for a long term relationship with new ones.

Warranty for all our range of products.

Technical development, tool investment, and improved manufacturing process in all our products.

Continuous investing and full commitment to standardize our products according to local and international certifications approved by recognized laboratories.


BLINCER SRL develops the distribution network in the domestic and foreign market finding companies and professionals with a strong dedication with this work made consciously and looking for great results.

Technical trainings are the best way to complement to our customers and end users too. For that reason, our aim is to provide excellent proposal and benefits, assuring the success of their projects.


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Certificaciones Normas UL
Normas UNE (Europa)
Certificaciones Normas UL
Normas UNE (Europa)